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Marijuana: It’s Good for You!

Many professionals turn to marijuana because it helps them stay competitive in a demanding world. Whether it’s for medical reasons or purely recreational pursuits, these successful stoners are living proof that there is much more to marijuana than getting high.

Learn about the benefits of marijuana and below… or read about some of our famous and not-so famous stoners:

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The Benefits of Marijuana


Medical studies are beginning to suggest that marijuana may have therapeutic benefits. This idea is not new; accounts of marijuana being used as medicine go back thousands of years. However, current science is  validating ancient knowledge, causing some states and countries to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

We’ve known for years that medical marijuana could treat and reduce the symptoms of seizures, extreme nausea, and cancer. Now we know it may also help with glaucoma, Multiple sclerosis, HIV and AIDS, chronic pain, and asthma. But, these are just some of the conditions – the list keeps growing!

Although most Americans and successful stoners agree that marijuana has positive health benefits, many fear the idea of getting high. It’s no surprise that one chemical in marijuana, CBD is very popular. However, some CBD products are still marijuana because they come from marijuana plants rather than hemp.

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With all the talk about CBD, many wonder if THC even matters. Now, research suggests it does. Science now knows that THC and CBD combined may be beneficial for those with bipolar disorder or PTSD. Plus, the psychotropic property of marijuana (the fact it gets you high) may directly benefit ADD and ADHD symptoms. It’s all about finding the right variety of marijuana for your needs.

The everyday ‘stoner,’ doesn’t need a doctor’s recommendation to recognize what cannabis does for them. Getting high means reducing stress, slowing down thoughts, and thinking things through. When you live a high-stress life, or regularly require higher thinking, this plant keeps the mind in homeostasis.

Successful stoners understand moderation


There’s a reason marijuana and creativity are so intertwined, and it has to do with spirituality. Getting high,  has nothing to do with being in a stupor. Getting high means going outside of your ego – becoming greater than yourself. When you become greater than yourself, you are free to think new thoughts. You are open to creativity.

Marijuana, (and every other plant that gets you high) does exactly that. They reduce the brain’s ability to recognize ego – some more dramatically than others. They make you high. They make you more creative.

Do we need to stimulate these parts of our brains? Our history as a species suggests so. Especially since the other ways to do so are orgasm, meditation, and prayer. We’ve been doing that for ages as well.

Successful stoners understand weed's metaphysical benefits

Warning: Taking large doses of marijuana may cause acute psychosis, including hallucinations, delusions, and a loss of the sense of personal identity. More info