Brad Pitt

Back in 2009, Brad Pitt told Bill Maher in an interview that he gave up both drinking and smoking weed when he became a parent. Back then, he bragged to the talk show host about how he used to be able to roll the “perfect” joint.

But, recently in 2016, TMZ broke a major story. According to the tabloid, Pitt’s wife, Angelina Jolie, filed for divorce specifically because of his alcohol drinking and pot-smoking ways.

Pitt’s history with cannabis goes back a long way. In 2009, Quentin Tarantino spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about his cannabis-smoking relationship with Brad Pitt. Tarantino says that he made a trip to France to visit the Fight Club star at his home.

While discussing a script he was pitching to Pitt, these successful stoners took part in some “herbal refreshments” and rosé. From there, Pitt was officially signed up to star in Inglourious Basterds.

Then, in 2009, the Ocean’s Ten star made an appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher. The famous stoner talk show host became nostalgic as he reminisced on days of smoking weed with Pitt. He revealed that the actor once went to a party, and spent the entire time rolling joints while sitting on the floor.
Maher also claims Pitt has the ability to roll the perfect joint. He claims they were rolled better than cigarettes… like a machine rolled them. Pitt responded, “I’m an artist.” By 2012, he was speaking out as a marijuana legalization activist, applauding President Obama for going along with the legalization of recreational cannabis use.

Famous stoner Brad Pitt
Famous stoners

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp shocked the world in 2011 when Carson Daly revealed to Vanity Fair that they were weed smoking buddies. According to Daly, he and the Edward Scissorhands star lit up marijuana cigarettes together in Depp’s dressing room on the set of TRL.

In an interview with Film Review magazine, Depp admitted to smoking cannabis. While he claimed he’s not a “great pothead”, he also noted that weed doesn’t come close to being as dangerous as alcohol.
By 2004, the Donnie Brasco star was in hot water in the press. Rumors had it, he wanted to smoke marijuana with his kids. However, Depp explained that he actually meant that if his kids wanted to try pot, he wanted to be the one to provide it for them, versus going out in the streets and coming back with some “potentially fatal stuff.”

Then, in 2014, the paparazzi caught the A-list megastar on camera partaking in the greenery. After dropping his daughter off at school, Depp was caught in the cut with a glass weed pipe in his hand. Then, he and his friend, Marilyn Manson, headed off to another buddy’s house near the school. Depp was still toting the blue marijuana pipe – could he actually be one of many successful stoners?

The funny part is: Johnny Depp starred in the 1998 movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In it, he played Raoul Duke, a journalist traveling to Las Vegas with his attorney in 1971. His job was to report on a motorcycle race called the Mint 400. However, the two just can’t seem to get the job done right due to the constant use of all kinds of drugs, including cannabis.

Johnny Depp
Famous stoners

Jennifer Lawrence

For a while, everyone was talking about Jennifer Lawrence admitting to the press that she smoked weed before going to the Oscars. The Hunger Games star, who was 25 at the time, was known for her clean-cut persona – and not as a famous stoner… at least up until that point.

Lawrence shocked the world when she came clean about smoking pot with her brother from a bong before the Academy Awards ceremony. This was the same event where she was seen stumbling up the stairs as she went to accept her award. She never confirmed if her clumsy acceptance was due to smoking cannabis that day.

The American Hustle actress has been captured by the cameras smoking something that looks like a joint on a Hawaiian holiday getaway. Paparazzi pictures show her drinking a bottle of wine, while holding a rolled up “cigarette,” which she eventually took a toke from with ease.

At one point, Jennifer Lawrence revealed to E! that she’d been going through a major depression. She expressed how much she’d prefer to just lounge around in dirty clothes and drink for days. The founder of the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation could care less about her schedule because of how low she felt.

But, soon afterward, she was spotted looking relaxed and happy with life. Many suggest that it may have been a combination of red wine and marijuana that brought the star back to life. Is this the secret to becoming successful stoners?

During the filming of Catching Fire, Lawrence and co-star Josh Hutcherson made the news for their break-time R&R. Not paying attention to their surroundings, the cameras caught them both smoking joints.

Jennifer Lawrence
Famous stoners

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is much more than just an actor. These days, he’s a full-blown activist for recreational marijuana legalization. The Shawshank Redemption star told The Daily Beast in a 2015 interview that cannabis “should be legalized everywhere.”

As a long-time successful stoner, Freeman credits the drug with reducing his pain caused by fibromyalgia. The condition was caused by a serious car accident back in 1997. Between the Jaws of Life and awesome medics, he survived, but with his left arm, shoulder and elbow shattered.

His doctors worked hard to repair the damage to his nerves. To this day, he still isn’t able to fully use his left hand, and he’s been left with severe pain. The Invictus star uses marijuana to keep the pain under control.
In a 2003 interview, Morgan Freeman admitted to using hard core drugs in his past. But, was proud to proclaim that he still enjoys partaking in his green. He says he doesn’t really smoke a lot, but insists one should “never give up the ganja,” calling it “God’s own weed.”

The marijuana legalization advocate says that there are many useful uses for the cannabis plant. Research is being done to use it to help children who suffer from debilitating grand mal seizures. It helps get the seizures under control better, allowing these kids to live better lives.

This is just one of the many reasons why the Now You See Me star believes marijuana should be legalized. When asked how he consumes cannabis. The actor admits that he’ll “! I’ll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it”!

Successful Stoners Morgan Freeman
Famous stoners

George Clooney

George Clooney has made his reputation as one of the good guys in the world of Hollywood. But, that doesn’t mean he can’t partake in a little “green” toking every now and again. Now, no one’s saying he’s a heavy smoker. But, the ER star has been known to frequent a now-famous cannabis café.

Back in the day, good ole’ George made the tabloid news while shooting Ocean’s Twelve in world-famous, pot-friendly Amsterdam. A local marijuana café owner told reporters that the star frequents his pot shop when he’s in town. It seems he actually makes it a point to visit the place a few times every year.

This means the star of Good Night, and Good Luck, is no stranger to the world of pot smoking and successful stoners. And, some suggest this is why the actor always appears to be so even-tempered and calm.

In 2013, George Clooney teamed up with Grant Heslov to produce the film Coronado High. It was the story of Louis “Lou” Villar, a former high school teacher who moonlighted as a drug smuggler. He enlisted multiple former students from the school. Together, they imported almost 100 tons of hash and cannabis from the Orient and Mexico. This true story of successful stoners is Clooney’s baby!

Yes, George Clooney does not fit the typical stereotype of a “stoner” or “pothead.” He doesn’t fit the profile of the oblivious goofball who giggles and is slow to react. But, he does embrace the use of marijuana and isn’t shy about it. He’s admitted to spending time taking tokes with both marijuana legalization activist, Morgan Freeman, and his longtime friend, Brad Pitt.

George Clooney