Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart lives her life as a creative A-list celebrity. But, this Valley Girl prides herself on being a weirdo who smokes weed. Back in 2012, the actress, who was 22 at the time, spoke to Vanity Fair about her life as a Twilight star… and a self-proclaimed pothead.

Back when Kristen was just an 18-year-old kid, someone snapped shots of her sitting on her front porch with her dog and ex-boyfriend. This was the day Twilight was released. And guess what the pictures showed? She and the ex were smoking a weed pipe.

Don’t believe it? Well, according to the star, all you have to do is Google it!
The very next day, everyone was talking about the pictures. Some called the up-and-coming superstar a delinquent. But, Kristen took it like a grain of sale… “Big deal.”

Even though the camera captured Kristen “lighting up,” she never seemed to care. Her nonchalant attitude towards smoking cannabis may have something to do with her dad, who she refers to as a “hippie.”
In 2015, Kristen Stewart sat down to discuss here role in “American Ultra” with costar Jesse Eisenberg for a BuzzFeed interview. Both stars were quite proud of their roles in the film as two budhead lovers.


Most of the interview was a question and answer session about marijuana itself. They educated the audience on their favorites strains of cannabis. The two even enjoyed a pop-quiz session about marijuana paraphernalia.
According to Kristen and Jesse, there are qualifications for being a budhead. And, what may that be? Simply being a pot smoker will get you your credentials.

The A-lister is well-known for wearing cannabis clothing. She’s been photographed all over the world wearing everything from a marijuana bikini to cannabis socks. Her most famous pot-related photo features her in a marijuana leaf bikini.


Cameron Diaz

Everyone knows that Snoop Dogg is a certified budhead. But, did you know that he and Cameron Diaz are smoking buddies with a history together? According to the “Cali Girl,” she and the LBC rapper went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School together.

Cameron, who is proud owner of a California medical marijuana card, says she’s almost positive she bought weed from Snoop Dogg back in the day, proclaiming, “I had to have.” She told the press, “I was green even in high school!” She credits her weed connections with making life at the “ghetto” high school a little less rough.

Snoop admitted that he probably sold her “white girl weed” in an interview with George Lopez. And, that would be sticks and stems, says the rapper.
Diaz’s career made its ultimate debut in the 1994 release The Mask. Just four years later, she was on screen smoking a joint with Ben Stiller in There’s Something About Mary.But, that was just acting.


In real life, back in February 2007, Cameron Diaz was in Hawaii on vacation with Drew Barrymore, her Charlie’s Angel costar. Cameron was caught by the cameras kicking back, smoking a joint. And, the star has no problem admitting that she enjoyed playing her 2011 role in Bad Teacher. She played the role of Elizabeth Halsey, pothead with a potty mouth. One of her most famous line in the movie was “weed is awesome.”

By 2012, the star’s reputation as a stoner was sealed. She received yet another nomination for an ALMA Award for her role as a teacher with a medical marijuana card. Diaz was also named as CelebStoner of the Year.
The California-raised superstar says she’s been smoking weed since she was a teen. According to the There’s Something About Mary star, cannabis helps to balance her. And, that’s something she truly needs as a certified member of the “mad world of Hollywood.”


Kirsten Dunst

According to actress Kirsten Dunst, more people should partake in the “green” smoke. The Drop Dead Gorgeous star believes that would surely make this world a “better place.”

Dunst is a proud member of the pot toking society. She’s admitted to the press that she enjoys using pot. The Spider Man actress has been very verbal over the years about the strict cannabis laws here in America, calling them “ridiculous.”

In an interview with Live magazine, Kirsten announced that she does drink moderately. She also noted that she’s “tried drugs” and actually likes smoking weed. The 35-year-old star of the hit movie Bring It On says her outlook on cannabis differs from that of America.
Although she’s never been a serious budhead, she believes the world would be a better place to live if everyone were pot smokers. Apparently, she’s very disciplined when it comes to weed, claiming she’d never overindulge in any type of drugs. But, the star says, cannabis is “inspirational.”


Kirsten is not an all-day smoker. However, she believes there’s a proper way to use the green. If used improperly, a person’s creativity may be hindered. She warns that overindulging could “close you up” on the inside.
She credits some of the way she thinks about pot to Carl Sagan, her best friend Sasha’s father. Kirsten called the astronomer the biggest pothead in the world. And, according to her, he was literally a genius!

These days, Kirsten’s fans are awaiting the release of her upcoming movie Woodshock. She plays a woman named Theresa who suffers a major loss in life. She seems to be a young woman haunted inside, dealing with a broken emotional state.

And, how does she cope with it all? Theresa turns to the reality-altering drug known as cannabinoid. And, we all know what that is… weed!Woodshock is scheduled for release on September 15, 2017.