It’s no surprise that creators are our largest group of successful stoners. Using cannabis for creativity is as old as Shakespeare. But how does it work? The short answer? It increases blood flow to the brain. However, moderation is key. Overdoing marijuana for creativity and focus can quickly become paranoia – and that probably won’t produce your next great work of art.

Unless of course, you have a high tolerance for paranoia.


Cannabis has inspired all kinds of musicians over the years. Whether it’s a brand-new way to jam on a guitar or the ability to stay ultra-cool under pressure, cannabis influenced notable pop stars, trailblazing musicians, and world-renowned rappers. How? Marijuana helps you think outside of the box, something describes as divergent thinking.

When you’re trying to create something that’s never been heard before, a little divergent thinking is helpful.

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Need to get out of your body and into the mind of a different persona? Cannabis can help with that. According to Altered States of Consciousness, cannabis makes you hyper-aware of those automatic mini movements. This awareness can make all the difference if you pretend to be someone else for a living. Using marijuana for creativity and focus when acting, therefore, makes plenty of sense.

At least it does for some of these successful stoners.

Meet the actors and actresses who have gone public about their use of weed:


Want to get creative with your words? You wouldn’t be alone if you tried cannabis. Some of the greatest writers from ancient and modern times used cannabis for creativity. Perhaps it’s the extra flow of energy to the ‘thinking’ parts of the brain or the ability to see things in an entirely new light. Whatever the reason, marijuana help create some of the greatest known works of our time.

Cannabis oh cannabis, where for art thou cannabis?

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Like writers, painters rely on plenty of creativity to produce their art. That’s why it’s no surprise that history includes quite a few painters who may have relied on marijuana for creativity and focus. Whether painting on a hemp canvas or openly questioning why it’s not legal, painters have redefined how we view the world.

Get to know our cannabis-friendly painters:


Artists aren’t the only creators that have used marijuana to focus their minds and develop new ideas. In fact, the phone you’re holding might be inspired by a well-rolled joint. In modern history, cannabis helped entrepreneurs of all kinds develop new ideas. We benefit from their discoveries of the latest ice cream flavor and operating systems for our personal computers.

Some call it ‘thinking outside the box. We like to call it chronically inspired.

Our list of successful stoners:

Does Cannabis Create Creativity?

If these famous creators aren’t proof enough, some studies alsosuggest cannabis may be great for creativity. In 2011,research on the effects of smoking cannabis for creativity circulated around the medical community. It basically explained that marijuana doesn’t necessarily make you creative, but it can help bring out the creativity that already exists in you.

Some believe cannabis and creativity happen because marijuana puts the mind in a more relaxed state, making you free to explore new thoughts and ideas. Perhaps that’s all some of us need. Have you utilized marijuana for creativity and focus? If so, welcome to the world of the successful stoner.