Explorers & Athletes

It may not be surprising that cannabis fueled many of today’s modern-day explorers. However, when you think about THC, sports are probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  However, the two go hand-in-hand, like rolling paper and a grinder. These successful stoners show how cannabis encourages the mind and body to push beyond its natural limits and dream outside of the box.

By using the cannabis plant, they redefine what it means to be human.


“Take me out of here, please!”There’s a good chance the renowned explorers on our list had this thought at least once. Whether it was daydreaming about space or planning the next worldwide adventure, these famous – opposite of potheads – spent their lives changing the way people view the world.

It’s one thing to get high and go exploring; it’s another to make a career out of it. Our successful stoners did that, hosted their own television shows, and publicly advocated for cannabis legalization. If that’s not the definition of a productive stoner, we’re not quite sure what is.

This all makes you question cannabis’s reputation as a psychedelic drug. Could it really be that mind-altering if these guys have nothing but good to say about it?

Get to know the explorers who’ve always stood up for weed:


Need your body to work at its absolute best? According to some of the world’s best athletes, cannabis is a great herb to have on hand. Whether it’s marijuana’s ability to increase endurance or CBD’s potential for pain relief, cannabis has helped athletes of all kinds focus on the task at hand – winning.

Thatdoesn’t mean you should use THC for sports enhancement. It will not make you run faster or punch harder. However, THC in sports training can help your body quickly recover from a particularly hard workout. So, go ahead, smoke a joint after an intense workout. These successful stoners likely did.

Learn about our list of weed-smoking athletes:

THC Sports and Astrophysics?

For some people, it might seem strange that a NASA scientist and an Olympic swimmer share an appreciation for the same ‘illicit’plant. However, for the millions that are already high and successful, the connection between marijuana and greater human potential is clear.

Marijuana helps relieve distractions in both the body and mind, making it easier to live at our optimal selves. Whether it’s easing inflammation so we’re back at it the next day orslowing our processes so we can work through our thoughts, this plant’s potential is something we’ve only begun to unlock.